Monday, September 13, 2010

recently returned from china

So I recently returned from China about a month ago, the trip was amazing and I got to travel to all sorts of different places.

Starting backwards the last trip i went on before coming home was spending a week in Shanghai with my Father and Best friend. The three of us visited the World Expo and travelled around Shanghai to many museums and interesting restaurants. the museum we went to were the International Maritime museum for China, it had lots and lots of boats and interesting relics from long ago.

Before Shanghai my best friend and I went to DengFeng and ZhengZhou, where we visited the shaolin temple and trained in martial arts with a shaolin master. it was very expensive to train privately, but completely worth it! visiting the temples and the beautiful scenery was awesome, I recommend everyone goes to china at some point in their lives, even if its for just a short amount of time.

Before DengFeng and ZhengZhou  my best friend and I went to Tibet for 5 days. This was possibly the most amazing part of our trip and I hope to never forget it. I saw a rainbow around the sun (on a clear near cloudless day) visiting one of the temples. and got to go to the highest lake in the world (Lake Namtso) which was amazing, cold, but amazing. I got to eat and ride (not the same one haha) Yaks and enjoyed epic scenery with crisp clear air.

That is all i will write for now, but expect future updates to come soon!

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