Sunday, September 19, 2010

in Tibet
Sand sculpture in Tibet
Yak at Lake Namtso
A random Windmill/Wedding

Overlooking the school in Hangzhou
Turning around from looking at the school

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I do say dear chaps, more photos

Xi'an's terra cotta soldiers
Bell in Xi'an
City Wall in Xi'an
City wall at night
Huangshan mountain
more scenery from the mountain peak
In Xi'an

Too bad its really smoggy everywhere...

overlooking West lake in HangZhou
at a temple in Hangzhou
Bamboo forest river, in HangZhou
Maritime museum in Shanghai
inside the Maritime Museum at Shanghai
cats from a Hangzhou fruit market
Plum Blossom garden in HangZhou

Monday, September 13, 2010

and again, enjoy it people!

West Lake on a clear and beautiful day
home made dinner and wine for 2
Fire Fighting Facility, just like BP "Don't Worry, We're on it!"
first week there... "is that a shrimp in my soup?"
awesome couple
after my class ate all the food at a table
soooo tasty, and so much the same as in the US

More Photos for the Followers!

for those who enjoy Chinglish
WuZhen and its waterways
Nanjings war memorial
also from Nanjings War memorial
the maosaleum (spelling? sorry) of Dr. Sun Yet Cun
oh the children of China delight in Americans! haha
random door!


Market by my school in Hangzhou
Giant Mao statue
the INFAMOUS PacMans restaurant
"Ship Course of Storage Batter" lolwut?
XueBi, which is Sprite

Great Wall and the Thousand Islands!

next few photos are the Thousand Islands in China
me in the forbidden city...doing something forbidden??
Thousand Islands and our Tour boats
Thousand Islands entry area
This was on one of the islands
Great wall of China!
it was an 8 mile hike that day, and it was HOT
good friend (american) of mine